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<img src='photo/2019/R29940.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R29940
433MHZ Dual-hulls Bait Boat
<img src='photo/2019/R29941.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R29941
2.4GHZ Dual-hulls Bait Boat
<img src='photo/2019/R29942.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R29942
433MHZ Dual-hulls Bait Boat Fish Finder
<img src='photo/2019/R29943.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R29943
433MHZ Dual-hulls Bait Boat Fish Finder GPS Five Nests S


<img src='photo/2019/R29944.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R29944
433MHZ Dual-hulls Bait Boat Fish Finder GPS Autopilot 12
<img src='photo/2018/R28757.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R28757
JABO-2AD Automatic Navigation Bait Boat (Lock 3 feeding
<img src='photo/2018/R28758.JPG'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R28758
GPS Navigation Bait Boat Sonar Detective Lock the 8 Feed
<img src='photo/2015/R22768.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R22768
JABO 2.4G R/C Bait Boat 5A


<img src='photo/2015/R22769.JPG'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R22769
JABO 2.4G R/C Bait Boat with GPS & Sonar Fish Finder 5CG
<img src='photo/2015/R18897.JPG'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R18897
JABO 2.4G R/C Bait Boat 2CG
<img src='photo/2015/R18599.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R18599
JABO R/C Bait Boat 2AL
<img src='photo/2015/R18600.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R18600
JABO R/C Bait Boat 2BL


<img src='photo/2014/R18601.JPG'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R18601
JABO R/C Bait Boat 2DL
<img src='photo/2015/R07643.jpg'width='400' height='300'>
Item No:R07643
JABO R/C Bait Boat 1AL


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